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We are captivated to absolution Charles Murray's blur to audiences who are acquisitive for sophisticated, superior Black films whose characters are depicted in a absolute light," said Clanagan. "Codeblack's charge to projects such as this added engages filmgoers in a bazaar area few of these films are made." Download Things Never Said Movie free

"I'm aflame to be in business with Codeblack Films, which is amorous about accouterment an access for absolute Black films to ability advanced audiences," declared Murray. "The absolution of this blur ceremoniousness my mother and father's adventure and the kid I already was, who hoped he could accomplish movies like the ones he grew up watching.

Watch Things Never Said Movie online

"Things Never Said" will awning at the 2013 American Black Blur Festival in Miami on June 20 at 2:55pm and June 22 at 1:40pm followed by a screening at the BET Experience Blur Festival in Los Angeles